About Me

Hello, my name is Lynda and I own the Western Isles' only dedicated dog shop situated at 19 Church street Stornoway.

I've lived on the west side of Lewis for 25 years working mainly in hospitality as I brought up my two children.

I've always had dogs, getting my first one for my 7th birthday, a rough collie called Glen (I was mad about Lassie). I was taught at that young age the responsibility of owning a dog.

I had to walk home from my village school every day during my lunch break to walk Glen and then again on the return at the end of the school day and there began my love of dogs.

My story of how Hungry Hounds Hebrides began , started because I had run out of treats for my two dogs - Denzel a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Bentley a Transylvanian Hound.

The weather was awful and I didn't really want to venture out if I could avoid it.
So, after rummaging through the cupboards I found a couple of tins of Sardines, goodness know how long I'd had them because they only had a little over a month BB date!! and a bag of oats - probably left over from one of my short lived health drives.

This ended in the result of my "sardine oaties" and wow! what a hit they were. So, I began experimenting with other ingredient. After a few - well quite a few failed attempts I had a selection of six varieties including of course, the Stornoway Black Pudding bites.

Because my dogs were so keen, I started giving them to my dog owner friends and got a great response so, I thought I'd have a go at the craft market in the town hall. I was allocated a table and soon had a regular customer base.

This gave me the confidence to move forward and open the shop and a little over four years here I am packed out with natural treats, raw feeding and lots of toys and accessories for both dog and owner. 


All food products at Hungry Hounds Hebrides are ethically sourced from the UK wherever possible or from within the EU. There are more than 100 products to choose from with over 90% simply being air dried therefore, retaining all of the flavour and nutrients as well as being grain and gluten free. So even if your dog has a sensitive stomach or allergies there is plenty to choose from without compromising on nutrition or flavour.

There is also a selection of products with fur/hair on them, these include rabbit and venison ears, beef skin, deer legs, lamb and bully snouts and lamb skin. These help with worming as the parasites get attached to the fur and then pass through naturally.

If you prefer to give your dog more fruit and veg in a treat then have a look at the selection of vegetarian and vegan options. There is also a choice of loose treats for example, peanut butter crocodiles, smoked BBQ sweet potatoe chews, blueberry and sweet potatoe or apple and banana sticks.