Indestructible Tennis Ball


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Indestructible Tennis Balls

A long lasting double strength Tennis Ball, which should last an average chewer up to 6 months or longer. 

Our tennis balls are so tough it took us a while to saw through one just so we can show you the thickness, unlike the normal standard tennis balls that lasts a day or two. 


  • One of the most durable dog tennis balls available as the outer walls are nearly 3 times thicker than a standard tennis ball. The walls on this dog tennis ball are 8mm thick compared to 3mm thickness on a standard tennis ball.
  • The balls are non toxic so are perfectly safe for your dog and are incredibly hard wearing so will last much longer than a basic tennis ball. They have gone through extensive testing to ensure they are compliant and are safe for any size of dog.
  • The added wall thickness also makes the balls bouncier and they fit all makes of dog throwers too. They are slightly heavier but this is to be expected if the ball is to be virtually indestructable
  • Our dog balls are 65mm in diameter so suitable for most breeds of dog.
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